01Get Ready

Before your start

  • See separate leaflet instructions specific for your test
  • Lay everything out everything you need for the test: Check the inventory list in the back side of this leaflet.
  • Tear open the foil bag (Dont throw it).
  • Open the sample cartridge case.
Get Ready

Warm up your hands

  • Let your finger dry for a few seconds.
  • Rub your hands together for 30 seconds to get your blood flowing.

Select a finger

  • The circled in areas denotes the fingers most suitable for lancing.
  • Now, clean the selected finger with an alcohol pad.

02Collect Sample

Use the lancets

  • Twist the end off the lancet.
  • Place your hand on a hard surface.
  • Put the lancet firmly on the rounded tip of your finger.
  • Then press the trigger button. Use the gauze to clean the first drop of blood.

Close the cartridge

  • Make sure all tips are now fully red.
  • Apply a plaster on the lanceted finger.
  • Close the cartridge until you hear a snap.

Apply the sampling tips

  • If needed, massage your finger gently to help the blood flow.
  • Make sure the sampling tips are facing downwards (towards the floor).
  • Touch sampling tips to the blood drop and watch each tip turn fully red (this usually happens in seconds).
  • If your blood flow stops, use a new lancet to prick another finger.

03Post your Sample

Fill in the patient info card

  • Complete the details on the form.
  • Make sure you write it down as visibly as possible.

Before you send

  • Put the cartridge, the dessicant (the silica pack) and patient info card into the foil bag.
  • Make sure to seal the foil bag properly so its airtight.
  • Enclose the sealed foilbag in the return envelope.

Fill in and attach the name label

  • Fill in the time and date on the name label enclosed with the patient information card.
  • Attach it on the sample collection cartridge.
Name label
Before Send


  • The cartridge is properly closed with the name label attached and patient information card filled out.
  • Enclose the cartridge, name label, patient info card and the dessicant (the silica pack) inside the foil bag.
  • Put the foilbag inside the return envelope and attach the return label on the envelope. No other content should be returned.

Ready? Now you can send the box back to our lab!

NOW you should

  • 1Scan the QR Code on the Return label and fill in the form with desired pickup location.
  • 2The package will be collected from within 24 hours if pickup is requested before 12 PM (Monday - Friday) and 48 hours (Saturday & Sunday). Dont worry! Your sample will be fine!
  • 3We will email you when your results are ready!
Top Tips!
Check out our video

Check out our instruction video on yesmomfertility.com/instructions.

Read the special instructions leaflet

See separate leaflet instructions specific for your test

If at first you don't succeed...

Don't worry if the blood flow stops, clean the area and try again. OR you can use another lancet and prick another finger.

Blood Flow
Get Your Blood Flowing

Rub your hands together and dip in warm water to get the blood flowing better.

Sampling the tips

Make sure you don't under or overfill the tips. You can touch the tip to the blood drop multiple times to fill.

Don’t throw away the dessicant!

The little dessicant (silica pack) protects your sample from moisture and should always be enclosed in the foil bag.

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Need Help?
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Check out our instruction video on yesmomfertility.com/instructions

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