01Get Ready

When to test

  • Day 3 of your period (If on birth control, you can test on any day).
  • Count day 1 as the first day of your period of full flow before 5PM.
  • Example: If you get your period on 1PM on Monday, test on Wednesday Getting your period at 7PM on Monday? Test on Thursday!
  • The whole procedure should take about 10 to 15 minutes. Contact us for collection the same day you draw your sample.

Now select a finger

  • Wash and soak your hand in warm water to get blood flowing.
  • Select a finger. Clean it with the alcohol swab, and let your finger dry for a few seconds.

Before you start

  • The best time is in the morning when you wake up.
  • Drink a large glass of water.
  • Lay out everything you need for the test: Check the inventory list in the back side of this leaflet.
  • Place the collection tube inside the hole on the box.
  • Follow the top tips on opposite side of the guide.
Get Ready

02Collect Sample

Use the lancets

  • Twist the end off the lancet. You won't see a needle, so don't worry!
  • Press the lancet firmly down on the rounded tip of your finger, to activate it.
  • Use the sterile wipe (gauze) to clean the first drop of blood.

Fill tube to the top line

  • Fill your blood to the top line of the tube.
  • Place the cap firmly and turn the tube gently upside down 10 times, but do not shake it! *Please only use the kit we provide.

Massage finger

  • Hold your hand downward and gently massage your finger.
    Place your fingertip at the top of the tube and let the blood flow.
  • If your blood flow stops, use a new lancet to prick another finger.

03Post your Sample

Fill in the form

  • Complete the details on the form.
  • Make sure you write it down as visibly as possible.
  • Put the form in the little pocket of the specimen collection bag.
Payment Card

Before you send

  • Make sure that the cap is on the tube correctly.
  • Put the tube inside the specimen bag.
  • Put the specimen bag inside the box. IMPORTANT: If the form AND the name label are not enclosed, our lab won't be able to process your sample.

Fill in and attach the name label

  • Fill in the time and date on the name label enclosed with the patient information card.
  • Attach it on the sample collection tube.
Fill In
Send Report


  • The cap is firmly replaced on the tube.
  • Your patient information card is filled out and the name label is attached on the tube.
  • The filled tube are in the specimen bag and the patient information card is in the document pocket of the bag.
  • Put the specimen bag together with the tube and patient information card inside the box. No other content should be returned.

Ready? Now you can send the box back to our lab!

NOW you should

  • 1Add us on @yesmom on LINE to arrange sample collection
  • 2Provide your customer ID or email and we will arrange collection of your sample immediately. Remember to send your sample immediately after collecting it. We will collect it from you within typically 2 hours. Do not store in the fridge or freezer. Room temperature 15-25 degrees celsius is ideal.
  • 3We will send you an email once the results are ready!
Top Tips!
Read the special instructions leaflet

There may be a seperate special instructions leaflet that you need to read before collecting the sample.

Stand Up

Standing while taking your sample helps your blood to flow. Gently massage your fingertip to avoid damaging blood cells.

If at first you don't succeed...

Don't worry if the blood flow stops, clean the area and try again. OR you can use another lancet and prick another finger.

Get Your Blood Flowing

Exercise gently or take a warm shower will get your blood flowing better. Don't forget to stay hydrated as well.

Fill the Tube

Make sure you collect your blood to the top line. If there is too little or too much blood, we may not be able to analyse your sample.

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Need Help?
Line ID: @yesmom support@yesmomertility.com

Check out our instruction video on yesmomfertility.com/instructions

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