When To Get a Fertility Test Done?

January 13, 2020 | Yesmom

Yes Mom

Top Things to Know:

  • Fertility tests are not only for women who want to conceive but can be  routine too
  • Fertility tests are hormonal tests that can be used to find out if a hormonal imbalance could be affecting your fertility, periods, mood, or weight
  • They give a clear picture of a woman’s fertility to allow her to decide when she wants to start a family
  • They are particularly useful when they show up some red flags that should be addressed immediately
  • Fertility tests today are easily accessible and extremely affordable.

Have you ever seen an advertisement for a fertility test? If you have, you probably think that this advertisement targets only couples or women who are trying to get pregnant or finding it difficult to conceive naturally. HOWEVER, this is not the ‘only’ reason to have fertility tests done. Surprised much? You’d want to continue reading!

Fertility tests essentially help detect women’s hormonal levels to determine if they are all within normal ranges. These tests give your doctor a clearer picture if a hormonal imbalance could be affecting your fertility, periods, mood, or weight  and help discover if there is any health problem that needs to be managed.  

You don’t need to have fertility problems to get the fertility test done. The test can also provide you with an idea about your ability to get pregnant, even though having a baby is not yet in your mind. However, this awareness is not very widespread among Indian women and there seems to be no study conducted till date that has evaluated fertility awareness among Indian women[1].

What Do Fertility Tests Tell Us?

A lot of people have the same confusion about taking a fertility test without planning for a baby. Well, fertility tests are like routine health checkups that give you an insight about your reproductive system. Many women are unaware of their reproductive health and how easy or difficult it is for them to get pregnant until they actually begin trying. This is why fertility tests are useful. They help you to understand your body better, provide information for you to decide your pregnancy time, and give you a clearer idea of whether you should opt for fertility preservation techniques such as egg-freezing.

They also help reduce anxiety for women who are not yet ready for a baby but plan for it in the future. The tests also prompt a woman to take immediate action in case her fertility tests reveal some red flags.

While fertility tests are amazingly accurate, there is no test available today that can tell you, with 100% certainty, whether you will be able to get pregnant. However, with the advances in fertility tests, affordability and easy accessibility of tests like Yesmom’s Fertility Test, they make a very powerful tool that women can choose to use to decide the right time for them to conceive and can help you have an informed discussion with your doctor.

Whatever your choices are, make informed healthcare decisions and take charge of your own life and destiny.

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