Talking to Your Doctor About Fertility

January 23, 2020 | Yesmom

Yes Mom

Talking to your doctor about fertility can cause be worrying for you, but trust us it is not at all bad! Instead of looking aimlessly for information that you hope it to be specific about yourself, you doctor can lighten all your concerns in a few minutes – only you ask! Ever thought about having a conversation about your fertility and other related reproductive queries directly with your doctor, but did not know where to star? Go ahead!

Shyness about fertility is common, doctors understand!

In India, women are often shy or conscious about talking to their doctors concerning their fertility or their ability to conceive. Questions pertaining to “Can I postpone my pregnancy?”, “How long do I have to get pregnant?”, or “Is my fertility declining?”, can be met with harsh criticism in Indian context, while most women have a lot of questions about their fertility which they want answers for. 

To solve these issues, there are many fertility tests that are available today and can give an in-depth analysis and a greater insight into a woman’s fertility, her hormonal levels, egg reserves, and help her determine the time and options she has to plan a child in the future. These tests can prepare you before your talk with your doctor!

Home-based fertility test can help you (and your doctor)

One can opt for home-based fertility tests that can be done in the privacy and comfort of your home. In a way, fertility tests empower women to take control of their reproductive health and make decisions about their life based on the test reports. The other important benefit of fertility tests is that women can now have a more informed and meaningful conversation with their doctor about options like fertility preservation methods (egg freezing), IVF, etc. that they can opt for in case they are unable to conceive naturally. Your talk with your doctor will not be random!

Visiting doctor with your own reports

If you wish to talk to your doctor regarding your fertility, it is a great idea to book an appointment with him/her and let them know the reason for your appointment. Visiting them with fertility test reports enables them to provide you with the current scenario – your current egg reserves, hormonal levels, whether you are ovulating normally and if you can safely postpone pregnancy for a few years etc., and thereafter, suggest the best possible option for you. The fertility test results may affect different women differently. If a woman is single and has no partner but wishes to conceive later in life, she can choose to freeze her eggs and use them later. A married woman can think of conceiving sooner if her fertility reports suggest the urgency to do so. 

In a nutshell, fertility reports are a powerful tool that every woman must use in order to make informed decisions about her life. Consulting with your obstetrician/gynaecologist regarding your fertility and other reproductive queries is more helpful when you have your latest fertility reports handy!

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