How to find the ovulation day… a must know for the soon-to-be mother!

July 31, 2019 | Yesmom

Yes Mom
  1. How to find the ovulation day

Try tracking your basal body temperature (BBT), which is the body temperature while you’re fully rested and the lowest body temperature in 24 hours. How can BBT state your ovulation day?

  • Before ovulation, BBT will be around 36.2–36.5 Celsius degrees.
  • After ovulation, the hormone changes will raise the BBT for 0.4–1.0 Celsius degrees, which will be around 36.6–37.5 Celsius degrees.
    So, the highest pregnancy chance will be 2-3 days, just before the BBT rises!

Keeping tracking BBT continuously is necessary as it takes a long term tracking before being able to predict the ovulation day accurately.

How to track BBT?

Use a thermometer to take your body temperature first thing after waking up in the morning. Test the temperature even before you get up if possible! All for the most precise result.

Don’t forget to repeat the method around the same time every morning! And make sure you record it.

If you get ill or forget to track the temperature right after waking up, the result might be inaccurate in the long run.

2. Find the ovulation day from cervical mucus

Check your cervical mucus regularly. If your cervical mucus looks like egg white, then that’s the time you have the highest chance of pregnancy! The cervical mucus, which looks like egg white and expands into the circle with an inch diameter, is the mucus that supports sperm to swim through to your ovaries. It also helps the sperm to live longer in your secret canal where the acidic pH level is higher than normal. Very helpful! And women will continue having cervical mucus like this for 1-5 days before ovulation day. Some people might have this kind of cervical mucus again before the menstruation occurs, except that this time there’s no pregnancy chance.

The cycle of cervical mucus

  1. After the menstruation – gradually dry up until thick and sticky
  2. Before the menstruation – cream-like texture
  3. On the ovulation day – egg white-like texture (have sexual intercourse during this period if you want to get pregnant!)
  4. After ovulation date – start drying up again