How are Fertility Testing and Profiling Different?

February 27, 2020 | Bonné

Yes Mom

Yes, fertility testing and profiling are different! With the growing awareness among young people about the age-related decline in fertility, they are now becoming more proactive and taking measures to preserve their fertility. Many women increasingly do fertility testing and use online applications that give them a clearer picture of their reproductive health. But they might need fertility profiling as well!


Quick Summary

Fertility test is an essential test that measures your hormonal levels, particularly reproductive hormones and those hormones that affect your fertility. But, is that enough information for a woman who is concerned about how much time she has left to conceive? Not really! In order to help women understand more about what the fertility test results mean, a fertility profile is needed. So simply put, fertility profiling is a more comprehensive tool that involves fertility tests and also provides information on how these test results relate to a woman’s fertility and other reproductive issues.

With the growing trend of personalised treatment for each patient, fertility profile is even more relevant today. For most people, reading the test results might not make a lot of sense. But, using the test results to get a consultation with doctors via fertility apps helps them dive deeper into the reasons behind the hormonal levels and these reasons are custom-made for each patient! Having access to such apps also gives the power of years of research and the power of data in your hands to be able to get as much information about your fertility test, all personalised for you.


Fertility Test VS. Fertility Profile
  • A fertility test result might tell you that a certain hormonal level might indicate a certain reproductive condition. But, a fertility profile that is personalised for you will look at all the parameters and your overall health to indicate the exact cause of your reproductive issue, if any.
  • Fertility tests are just the fundamental step whereas, a fertility profile is an all-encompassing report of your reproductive health. 
  • What a fertility profile essentially does is that it gives useful meaning to fertility tests which are otherwise not easy to understand. 


Also, since fertility apps such as YesMom are backed by real scientific facts and data, a woman can expect accuracy in terms of the advice she receives. Have you got your fertility profile done yet? Try Yesmom’s Fertility Profile today!

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