How Can a Fertility Test Help Me Consider Egg Freezing?

February 21, 2020 | Bonné

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Top Things to Know

  • Each woman is born with a limited number of eggs in her ovaries which continue to get depleted as she ages.
  • The decline of egg reserve is the biggest limitation for women who want to conceive later in life.
  • In order to preserve their fertility, women can choose to freeze their eggs when younger.
  • A woman can get an Anti-Mullerian hormone test to help her understand how many eggs she has left and whether it is okay for her to delay her pregnancy.
  • Egg freezing can give a woman insurance but is in no way an assurance of a sure shot pregnancy when she decides to go for it

“I’m not ready to be a mother yet, but will I still be able to get pregnant when I’m ready?” – Has this thought ever crossed your mind? Though there is no right age to get pregnant, there are obviously biological limitations every woman has when it comes to conceiving late. Fertility test helps women who want to get pregnant, but does fertility test helps consider egg freezing for women who are not yet ready to have a baby?

The most important concern is the limited number of eggs that every woman has in her ovaries right from the time she is born. During each menstrual cycle, one egg is released by either of the ovaries, and this process continues until menopause when a woman has exhausted all her egg reserves. Based on this, a woman is said to be at the peak of her reproductive potential in her 20s. By the time she reaches her 30s, her chances of conceiving naturally per cycle drop to 20%, and by 40, it drops to a mere 5%.[1] 

If you are not yet ready to become a  parent, let’s see how fertility test helps you consider egg freezing.

How fertility test helps consider egg freezing!

The test like the Anti-Mullerian hormone test can give a clear picture of your egg reserve. This insight can help you understand your chance of getting pregnant now and in the future.

If your egg reserve suggests that now you have a high chance of pregnancy, but you are not yet ready to have a baby – don’t worry you can choose to preserve these eggs to be used later when you are ready!

When this time arrives, the eggs that have been frozen will be thawed and fertilized with sperm, and then implanted to the uterus wall. The chance of conceiving by this method is about 30-60% based on the age of the woman when the eggs are frozen.[2]


With fertility tests and egg freezing treatment, you can now choose your time to become a mother! While egg freezing treatment can extend women’s chance of pregnancy, it does not guarantee that the frozen eggs will be 100% fertilizable by the time they are ready.

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