6 Things You’ll Know Only if You Have PCOS

February 24, 2020 | Bonné

Yes Mom

You may have heard from a friend or two about how they struggled with missed periods or excessive bleeding during their periods for months on end until they were diagnosed with PCOS, but do you really know what is having PCOS like?

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a metabolic condition that affects about 20% of Indian women[1] and the number is constantly rising due to the deteriorating lifestyle practices of people nowadays.

But apart from a few symptoms of PCOS, very few women know what it actually is and how it can affect their body. In fact, PCOS is mistaken to be a reproductive condition, NO, it is actually a metabolic condition. A large number of women believe that PCOS causes issues with periods, ovulation, hormones and makes it difficult to conceive. But is that all? Not really!

Here are 6 things you will know only if you have PCOS! (and should know if you don’t!)


PCOS is much more than periods

Well, if you are suffering from PCOS, you know that it is a lot more than period-related problems. Yes, missed periods or irregularity in them is a classic symptom of PCOS, but it is only a part of PCOS. In fact, PCOS can lead to weight gain, obesity, and other chronic health conditions such as type II diabetes, insulin resistance, and increase a woman’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.


You can get pregnant even if you have PCOS

Most women believe that since PCOS affects ovulation and results in irregular menstrual cycles, there is no chance they can get pregnant if they have the condition. However, this is not true! You can still get pregnant with PCOS.

There are many women who have conceived successfully even when suffering from PCOS. However, a large number of women with PCOS do struggle to get pregnant, but have successfully conceived using advanced assistive reproductive techniques.


PCOS cannot be cured

Women suffering from PCOS know that there is no cure for PCOS, but the symptoms of the condition can be successfully managed. With just a few lifestyle changes, most women with PCOS are able to continue their lives.


PCOS doesn’t always mean you have cysts

PCOS is a misnomer as it doesn’t always mean women with PCOS have cysts in their ovaries. Most women with the condition have no cysts in their ovaries, although they are said to have PCOS. On the other hand, women could have cysts in their ovaries, while it has nothing to do with PCOS.[2]


If left untreated, PCOS can affect your overall health

Many women believe that they don’t need to worry about PCOS unless they want to conceive. However, only women suffering from the condition know that some health issues they are suffering are caused by delayed or untreated PCOS.

As mentioned earlier, PCOS affects other parts of the body and can result in symptoms such as –

  • Excessive hair growth, typically on the face
  • High levels of androgens
  • Hormonal imbalance that can wreak havoc in the body
  • Sleep disturbance


PCOS can make you moody

All women understand the moodiness that comes along with each menstrual cycle. Similarly, women who suffer from PCOS deal with moodiness, and other issues like anxiety, and even depression on a regular basis. The hormonal imbalance is to be blamed.


It is not your fault if you are suffering from PCOS! Getting PCOS diagnosed early on helps you deal with it better. Diagnosing it will usually involve a blood test to check your hormone levels — especially testosterone as well as AMH (along with tracking if your menstrual cycle is regular). You can take charge of your body by getting Yesmom’s hormonal blood test to determine if you are actually suffering from the condition.

The most important thing – if you suffer from PCOS, you are not alone!

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