Yes Mom

Women today have many things to think about - career, relationships, lifestyle goals to mention a few. Having kids one day can be one of those goals for many. However, how do you know, before you know?

We are used to get information about everything in our lives? Relationships, money, school. Why is something as formative as fertility still a mystery for many?

We found that you can go to a fertility clinic and take simple blood tests to check in on where you stand, but this can be an issue in India. There are many labs that operate without a licensed pathologists and the end result is often not checked.

That's why we created Yesmom Fertility Tests. We wanted to help women to gain access to information about their own fertility and guide them through all stages of conception in a safe, affordable and with results presented in human speak.

We work with only select, certified clinics and have licensed pathologist. You simply book online at a time convenient for you, and we send our licensed pathologist to take small prick blood sample, the results will be available as fast as one working day.

The results are then checked by an independant physician and if so needed, our in-house certified fertility clinician will help you understand the results.

“Yesmom Fertility gave me insights into my fertility, so that I could feel empowered planning my future for children” Amla